Just Cause 3 | Trailer Campaign

The “This is Just Cause 3” trailer took E3 by storm; 5 mins of incredible gameplay and a full explanation of everything new to the game. From the all new wingsuit to the perfectly built vehicles we captured it all – lock, stock and exploding barrels.

And to add to that Square Enix opened their E3 conference with our JC3 fast paced, quick fire opener video.

The gameplay reveal trailer was captured entirely from the game engine to establish Rico as the all out, bad-ass, “blow-things-up” in style hero. Returning to the islands of Medici, Rico will liberate his home – one massive explosion after another. Literally.

‘Burn it!’ took Gamescom 2015 by storm. One of the most viewed of this years Gamescom and showcased at the Microsoft conference on the Tuesday. Introducing Rico’s nemesis General di Ravello the island of Medici burns with his wrath!

And finally, the story trailer let’s you know why Rico has returned and how he plans to take down the dictator, Di Ravello – subtly, apparently.

The trailers shown here are:
Just Cause 3 Gameplay Reveal
E3 – Show Opener
E3 – This is Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 – Burn It!
Just Cause 3 – Story Trailer
Just Cause 3 – TV Spot