The Order 1886 | World Building Videos

The first in a series of very different pieces, “Join the London Police” welcomes you to the Neo-Victorian world of The Order. Set in 1886 our live action spot builds the narrative by pitting a London Police station against the ferocity of the Halfbreed threat. The piece was shot over one day, in central London, with the set created meticulously from scratch to be authentic within the alternate history of The Order.

A radio presenter can be heard inviting you to Join the London Police all juxtaposed with a scene of utter carnage.

The second is a creepy Nursery Rhyme created as an old style Victorian shadowplay. Listen to the story of a little boy called Bobby Paige who stays out too late one night and becomes something quite terrible. A tale to tell Victorian children to keep them safe and out of mischief.

The third is a victorian style advert for the British Airships prevalent within the game. The fastest form of transport making the Americas only 40 hours away.

The fourth is a 3D animated advert for the London Underground. When your city is threatened by terrifying halfbreeds how else would you travel across London?

The trailers shown here are:
The Order 1886 | Join the London Police
The Order 1886 | Little Bobby Paige
The Order 1886 | London Underground
The Order 1886 | British Airships