Homefront the Revolution | Campaign

Our first asset released for Homefront: The Revolution was the “Freedom Fighters Trailer”. Captured entirely in-engine and using an explanatory VO by the character of Dana Moore we wanted to show players how to progress. Tool-Up, level-up, improve, craft and use everything available to you to become a top resistance fighter. The down the North Korean occupation one area at a time.

Our 101 Trailers showcased almost everything you can do in-game: weapons, locations, enemies, toolkit, locations, gameplay, mods and everything in between. All captured entirely in-engine so players can see the game as it will look. See if you can spot our Apex logo. More on that to come soon!

The trailers shown here are:
Homefront: The Revolution – Freedom Figthers Trailer
Homefront: The Revolution – 101 Trailer part 1
Homefront: The Revolution – 101 Trailer part 2