Just Cause 3 | VR App

Welcome to a WORLD’S FIRST App experience. With or without a Google Cardboard you can experience a 360 degree exploration of the Islands of Medici from Just Cause 3. Using the technology within your smartphone; tilt, turn and move your device in 3D space to see in-game footage from every single angle. Follow Rico as he’s flies through the air using his wingsuit. Get glorious views of Medici’s epic coastline. Watch the explosions and chaos all around you and share all this content with your friends. Or switch to VR mode and pop your device into a Google Cardboard to immerse yourself in Just Cause 3.

Working with Mindlight and Square Enix, Fire without smoke partnered up to develop a unique UI and experience. You’ll spot our name in the credits.

The App is free and can be downloaded from the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android.

It’s a great way to explore the world Just Cause 3!

Check out our reaction video shown here to see peoples thoughts. Then download the App for yourself. We did mention it’s free, right?

Client:  Square Enix
William Cole | Online Portfolio | Just Cause 3 | VR App