Until Dawn | Trailer Campaign

One of 2015’s sleeper hits, Until Dawn sees a group of friends on vacation – cabin in the woods style. Fire Without Smoke’s launch trailer used a movie-style horror approach to show the star power of the main actors while creating the sense of tension and dread unique to the horror genre. Localised into around 10 different languages and our added 3D butterfly animation helped Until Dawn gain fantastic standout.

Our TV spots, 30″, 20″, 15″, 10″ and 7″ were used across Europe, localised either using subtitles or with replaced in-game audio and captions, spread across the continent from Italy to the Nordics.

The Butterfly Effect trailer used a unique 3D butterfly – the device used in-game to show your distinct choices – as a way to show the myriad of decision trees available to you. Each path on the Butterfly’s wing being a different choice leading our player to over 2000 unique possibilities.

The trailers shown here are:
Until Dawn – Launch Trailer
Until Dawn – TV Spot (subtitled)
Until Dawn – Butterfly Effect Trailer