Skills: group 5

  • How To Survive | Trailer Campaign

    How To Survive | Trailer Campaign

    505 Games asked Fire Without Smoke to develop a trailer and DLC campaign for the launch of How to Survive – a zombie island survival horror. After thoroughly throwing ourselves into some insane zombie smashing, we wrote, captured, directed and produced three trailers to show every aspect of this fantastic game. We crafted around 100 weapons,…

  • The British Library | Website Redesign

    The British Library | Website Redesign

    How do you go about redesigning a vast site like The British Library? Well, you break it down into individual parts and sections and work on each separately. After re-architecting and defining an overall “feel/brand” this can then be translated throughout the remainder of the extremely large and data intensive site. I wanted each area…

  • NHS Direct | Website Redesign

    NHS Direct | Website Redesign

    Start by simplifying the entire site. Almost more IA wireframes were created than designed pages. Rather than just having absolutely every bit of information on the page – allow a user to discover content for themselves. Keep the most looked for info at the top but move less important content further away. And don’t scare…

  • Crysis 2 | Trailers

    Crysis 2 | Trailers

    Sometimes a trailer just isn’t going to impart all of the information you need. Enter the “walkthrough”, a simple way of telling your audience everything they need to know. A great explanatory script, a slightly irreverant voice over, and lots and lots of game footage allowed us to explain the complex nature of multiplayer in…

  • Dragon Finga | Mobile Launch

    Dragon Finga | Mobile Launch

    It was, and still is, an incredibly fun journey with the guys at Another Place Productions, from humble beginnings when the game was called “Dojo Mojo” to helping them rename their fantastic Rag-doll Kung Fu game to DragonFinga. We also helped them design their company logo, company website, the game icons and crafted their marketing keyart. Starting out as scratchy little…

  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue | Trailer

    Assassin’s Creed Rogue | Trailer

    Meet Shay, an assassin turned rogue. An excellent swan song for the previous console generation, Fire Without Smoke developed a trailer to explain his motivations using a bespoke voice over and a flowing action leading up to a cliff hanger – almost literally. And we threw in some face-stabbing for good measure.

  • Optical Express | Website Redesign

    Optical Express | Website Redesign

    Looking at the previous version of the site you could be excused from thinking it was designed to be eye candy, not navigated. Several clicks had you utterly lost. I wanted to created something much simpler, so very heavy research, IA and UX work was undertaken and the result was a cleaner design, a standardised…

  • Various Websites | Multiple Clients

    Various Websites | Multiple Clients

    Here are just a few of the sites I have been part of over the years. I haven’t added anything older than 10 years ago – you really don’t want to see those as they are a little bit irrelevant for todays market. No web video, no social or sharing, no facebook, no mobile – so…

  • Random Stuff I Do

    Random Stuff I Do

    Occasionally, I like to just “play around” with pencils, photoshop, Flash or illustrator. When I’m not working, reading, watching movies, playing games or handbag shopping for the wife.