Skills: group 2

  • Lara Croft Relic Run | Artwork

    Lara Croft Relic Run | Artwork
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity | Trailer Campaign

    Assassin’s Creed Unity | Trailer Campaign

    Created entirely from captured in-game footage with bespoke VO voiced by Arno our trailers really show what the Next Gen of Assassin’s Creed is capable of achieving. Every shot was meticulously planned and executed to push the engine to it’s limits. When it came to co-op, each character was customised to have his own unique…

  • Dorian Gray | Poster Concepts

    Dorian Gray | Poster Concepts

    We all probably know the story of Dorian Gray. The guy who remains forever young and immortal while his painted portrait ages hideously in the attic. The big idea was “He’s a man with two sides; eternally beautiful, infinitely damned” which translated nicely into some clever imagery – half face, half degraded painting. The original…

  • A Christmas Carol | Posters

    A Christmas Carol | Posters

    So you have at your disposal one image. It’s an old guy with a candle that looks like Jim Carey. What to do, what to do? Below are 4 of the many options developed and I was particularly fond of the “smoke” version. It was a very different way of using the same imagery but…

  • The Crew | Trailer Campaign

    The Crew | Trailer Campaign

    With The Crew, Ubisoft’s amazingly detailed new MMORPG, Fire Without Smoke was asked to create trailers to showcase the massive playground available within the game and the incredible variations of custom options you can achieve. From Miami to the Salt Flats and using carefully planned multiplayer capture we developed unique racing sequences. The addition of bespoke…

  • The Costume Collection | DVD Creative

    The Costume Collection | DVD Creative

    What do you do when DVD sales are declining and you want to shift some units of back catalogueCostume Drama movies? Well, you create a collectors edition set of the most watched. Then repackage them into a set of visually rich DVDs and create a print campaign to accompany the promotion. Make it a set…

  • Sony Feel Good | Retail Campaign

    Sony Feel Good | Retail Campaign

    Now a recognised industry benchmark on how sales promotions should be conducted, “Feel Good” was so successful it raised Sony’s DVD sales by 450% in it’s 4th quarter. The big idea was really quite simple. Make everyone Feel Good. On pack stickers allowed consumers to believe they were getting more, in store the DVDs had…

  • Until Dawn | Trailer Campaign

    Until Dawn | Trailer Campaign

    One of 2015’s sleeper hits, Until Dawn sees a group of friends on vacation – cabin in the woods style. Fire Without Smoke’s launch trailer used a movie-style horror approach to show the star power of the main actors while creating the sense of tension and dread unique to the horror genre. Localised into around…

  • 20th Century Fox | Home Entertainment

    20th Century Fox | Home Entertainment

    Over the years I’ve worked with 20th Century Fox on numerous campaigns for their titles. It may be a Kids DVD release, a promotion such as “Buy one, get one free” or a repacks of multiple movies. Coming up with a clever concept to gain standout in a crowded market is always a challenge –…

  • Little Big Planet 2 | Trailer

    Little Big Planet 2 | Trailer

    The Gold Award winning Little Big Planet 2 – History of Video Games trailer in the category “Best Game Footage 2012” at the Promax Game Marketing Awards. In a weird turn of events this trailer may not have existed had the game itself not been delayed. Our brief was simple, “The game’s delayed, we need…